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Thursday, June 30, 2005



The first ever "I Love to Kvetch Out Loud Award"* and the fabulous Playdough Violin go to....

  1. Mindy and PPB, for the best Technicolor foot stories
  2. Rana and Laura for their sore eyes and ability to use HaloScan to comment in the far future.
  3. Timna, because the mysterious beeping in the middle of the night story is a classic for the ages.
  4. Musey Me, because she got two votes and she gives out great prizes on her own blog.
Now, can I hear some complaints about the awarding of the prizes? (Hint: one of the awardees is not technically eligible for the prize, because her award-winning whine took place on her OWN blog. The nerve!)

But never fear, pixies! Whining Wednesday will be back next week. Save up your whines! You too could win the fabulous Playdough Violin!

*In fact, the very first "I Love to Kvetch Out Loud Award" was presented to little ol' me by a camp counsellor when I was 10 or 11 years old. Ah, to be young, gifted, and whiny once more...


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