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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Comment policy

A long time ago, JM, who is a Very Useful Blogger, made the excellent suggestion that I should write a post on my comment policy, and then link to it in my sidebar for all eternity, or to whatever approximates eternity on these here evanescent internets. Since it was such an excellent suggestion, I promptly got around to not doing it for several weeks. (Just like I am now not doing my trip to the grocery store to buy 800 cans of meatless Spaghetti-Os. But perhaps in a few weeks from now, when I'm all about procrastinating on some other task, I'll get around to stocking up for the apocalypse. Attention apocalypse: do not arrive for at least three more weeks, ok?)

Ahem. Following that long, pointless preamble, here is my Comment Policy.

So, you've decided to add your voice to the commenting pixie party! Welcome! I'm your host here, and I'm delighted to have you. Let's just go over the house rules. They are pretty simple. Think of this blog as my house, and the little glowing comment boxes as a party. If you want to come on in and join the party, do like you'd do at a real party in the real world. (And, no, I don't mean that you should get really drunk and throw up on the rug. This is NOT that kind of party.)

1. Introduce yourself. I don't need a name, rank and serial number, but a genuine email address or URL would be polite. No one will see the email address but me, and I promise not to betray you to spammers.

I do not at this time prevent anonymous comments, but if you leave one, expect it to get deleted. Because if you walked into a party at my house and didn't tell me who you are, I'd get one of the big guys to throw you out.

2. We don't have to agree, but I do expect people to be polite. No personal attacks or insults. If you said something at a party, and everyone responded by falling silent, looking embarrassed, and leaving the room as quickly as possible -- then you probably shouldn't say it at a commenting pixie party, either.

3. No spam, no selling products or services, no using the party as free advertising for your own blog. If you want to throw a Tupperware party, that's fine, but not at my house, and not at my blog.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the house rules. Now we can pass around the sangria and tortilla chips, and get back to the party!


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