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Monday, February 27, 2006

Random bullets of Monday

1. Baby Blue had her weight check today, which is sort of like a weigh-in for wrestlers, except that instead of determining which class she competes in, it determines how much of her life she must spend in doctors' offices. And the news, it was good. Seventeen pounds! At twenty months! Whoo-hoo!

I'm so glad that we have a short pediatrician. He's keeping an eye on us -- we have another weight check in two months -- but he's also aware that short, skinny people have short, skinny children. (Note: I am not including myself among the skinny at this moment, but Mr. Blue's people, they are teh skinny for sure!) We do, however, have targets. Goals to attain. We are looking to get Baby Blue up to 19 pounds by her second birthday. Two pounds in two months. Can we do it? Mr. Blue says it will require a steady diet of pizza, French fries, and ice cream. Sign me up! Oh, except I'm not the one who needs to gain weight. Bummer.

2. Speaking of bummers, Firefox is totally bumming me out, man. It's crashing multiple times a day, particularly when I try to access Gmail. I reinstalled 1.5 a few days ago, but when it automatically updated to, the problem started all over again. I don't allow cookies to persist between browser sessions because I am just that kind of paranoid, but the having to sign into everything all over again multiple times a day? Sucks. Just so you know.

3. We are having existential playgroup angst here. LG has announced that he doesn't like playgroup, because the kids aren't so nice there. Now, I'd attribute this to his shyness (I've been sitting on a post about shyness and playdates and friendships for weeks now), but, well... the truth is that a lot of the kids there really aren't so nice. And I'm secretly glad that he knows enough to be discriminating. Is that wrong? Should I be encouraging him to sing "It's a Small World After All" and join hands, even with the jerks? Because, frankly, I'm not so into doing that myself.

4. Performancing for Firefix: also bumming me out. Why? Because I thought I published this post 3 hours ago. Blogger says it's up there, but I don't see it on the blog anywhere. But there's a silver lining: now I can continue adding new bullets of random Monday crap!

5. The cord for my laptop is breaking again. This is the third cord I've had in 20 months of laptop-owning. If I have to keep replacing them at this pace, I'll spend the same amount of money on cords as I would on a new frickin' computer. And that, my friends, is also bumming me out.

6. Cold. It is really cold. I resented every last moment of the day that was not spent in front of my pellet stove.

7. Buster the cartoon rabbit is visiting Boston today. But he's visiting Boston in the SUMMER. Which makes me even more resentful. Buster is playing soccer and wandering around the Public Garden. They're sailing around Boston Harbor in t-shirts. We're freezing our butts off. Not fair!

8. The Scribbler family options for dinner: challah French toast; banana-oatmeal bread French toast; lentil soup with macaroni; pasta with red sauce; baked pasta with red sauce; leftover pizza. What would you choose?

9. I'm resisting the urge to use "teh" instead of "the" in every sentence. It's just that "teh" is teh bomb, you know?

10. Baby Blue fell asleep 15 minutes ago. You got to love teh naps that take place right before dinner. Especially when you're the one being used as a pillow. Scratch from the menu anything that can't be prepared in 5 minutes after Baby Blue wakes up.

11. Are we all bored yet? Because I could just keep on whining. Hey, I know! I'll tag this for the second Whining Carnival! That makes it practically productive.


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