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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Things I am hating on at the moment

1. My brain. It doesn't seem to be working quite right these days. That's why you can expect lots of exciting illiterate list posts in the near future.

2. Bird flu. Did you see the part about the German stone marten? Or the possible 11-case cluster in Azerbaijan? Or the vague but alarming rumblings coming out of China? Or the fact that the highly competent (and qualified) folk at the Department of Homeland Security say that we can expect the disease to arrive in the U.S. within months, but "we're going to be able to deal with it." Yeah, sure we are. Mr. Blue keeps telling me that it does no good to consider disaster scenarios, except to the extent that they're necessary to facilitate making our emergency preparations. Part of me hears him, nods obligingly, and says, "Of course, you're right." The other part of me just continues freaking out as previously scheduled.

3. The possible connection between points #1 and #2. This is my brain. This is my brain while freaking out. I hate it when that happens.

4. Firefox. To be honest, I am simultaneously loving and hating on Firefox. When it is working, I am in love... true love. The extensions! The ease of use! The safety features! It's so flippin' cool! When it is NOT working, like, for example, at least 50% of the time that I try to access my gmail account, then I want to leave it on the side of a hill like an unwanted Roman baby. I tried uninstalling it, deleting my profile, and doing a clean re-install. And it worked -- for about two days. But now Firefox is back to its old ways. And I hates it. But if I leave it, where would I go? What would I do? I can't live without you, Firefox!

5. Republicans. Democrats. Some legislators in Missouri. All but nine members of the Tennessee state senate. Pretty much everyone involved in state government in South Dakota and Mississippi. Terrorists. Death squads. Oppressive governments. Mean people. Did I leave anyone out?

6. The inadequacy shtick. Just when I think it's going to cut me a break, it comes roaring back with a vengeance. And it's just no freakin' fun, hating on myself.


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