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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Waking the witch

Black sweater.


Oooo, nice seam on that left arm, eh? Yes, well. Like I've said, I almost never knit from a pattern, so even when I don't finish up carelessly, there's always some little surprise awaiting me when I examine the final product. In this case, well, let's just say that I do better improvising with raglan sleeves. Those armholes there are almost as big around as my waist. Ooops.

But still and all, I think it's more or less what I was looking for. Plain. Black. Like a hoodie version of those old J. Crew roll-neck sweaters that were part of the required uniform at prep school.

Doesn't Pikachu look like he'd fit in well at prep school?


Mostly I love it because when I wear it, I feel like a witch.




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