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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday whining

Friends, Romans, whiners, I come to bury Wednesday whining, not to praise it. If you haven't been reading the threads from earlier in the week, here's the synopsis: this weekly ritual is wearing me out, and I wish to shirk it, possibly forever. The question under discussion for the floor is whether or not there is a life for Wednesday whining beyond this week and beyond my blog. The options given thus far are these:

  • End it.
  • Continue it in a carnival format, with a different host at a different blog every week.
  • Continue it at its own permanent home, a blog that is administered by a group of people who are jointly (or in turn) responsible for moderating, monitoring, and writing prizes.
  • Continue it at a new permanent home with a new host, presumably at his or her own blog.

Here's a poll for registering your votes on the future of Wednesday whining.

I have a lot of regrets as I write this post. For a long time I enjoyed this gathering immensely, and it has always been a privilege to be granted such intimate access to the funny, irritating, and tragic moments of your lives, both individually and as a community. I would like to thank each and every one of you who has ever participated, whether to whine yourself or to offer support to others.

For months now, Baby Blue has made a habit of responding to any suggestion she finds disagreeable (bedtime, diaper change, a parent leaving the room for a moment) by moaning, "But I will be lonely for dat!" I know that passing on the whiners' ball is the right thing for me to do at this time, for many reasons. But I also know that next Tuesday night, when the usual posting time rolls around, I'll be thinking to myself, "Now I am lonely for that."



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