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Friday, November 20, 2009

Knit & whine

BB wasn’t thrilled to get up for school this morning. Okay, it was dark, it was pouring, it’s Friday, and, you know, while school is okay and all, it is (she informs me) not the best thing in the world. You know how that goes. I tried to talk her out of bed.

BB: “I wish I was too little to have to go to school.”

PS: “Yeah, I can understand that. But if you were too little to go to school, you’d also be too little to ride your scooter, or read books, or do all kinds of things that are fun.”

BB: “Fine. I wish I was too BIG to have to go to school, then.”

PS: “Okay, but then you’d have to get up to go to a job.”

BB: “Oh yeah? But what about MAMA?”

PS: “Er. Right. Well, then you’d have to get up to take care of your kids.”

BB [sighing]: “I wish I didn’t have to get up for a job OR kids.”

PS: “Then what would you do all day?”

BB: “Knit!”

Yeah. Since that first project I took on a couple of years ago, I have gone back to knitting with a vengeance. I’m a lot better at it than I used to be, but that’s mostly because I spend a lot more time on it than I used to. And the only downside I’ve found so far to my renewed knitting habit is that talking about it incessantly is a good way to bore non-knitters to tears.

So! With that in mind, fellow-knitter Jody and I have just started a Ravelry group for knitters, crocheters, and crafty kibbitzers from this corner of the blogosphere. If you’re a friend of mine on Ravelry, I’ve already invited you. If you’re not and you’re interested in joining, either friend one of us, or drop us a line and we’ll tell you where we are. Bonus points if you join this weekend, when I am planning to steek a sweater that I have just finished knitting for BB. That should be good for LOTS of whining. Also, I am planning to cast on for this lovely shawl — and I’ve never knit from a charted pattern before (in fact, I usually make up a pattern as I go along, with EXTREMELY mixed results), so that should also be good for lots of whining. So come along. It will be fun.



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